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The Party's Over

Our Christmas party -- held at Skylar's request, partially because she wanted to wear a fancy velvet dress -- is several hours in the past. But seeing the remaining dishes has revived the evening's impressions.

kdotdammit and I both remarked how much we like our friends, particularly when they interact with people they don't know as well. It's a test of something, what we want to test for.

Items of note included Kim's risotto; Eric doing his higher octave version of "Thunder Road;" Alice hinting that I should leave her and Skylar alone by saying, "It would be nice to, like, be alone;" Hannah and Alice rushing to Skylar's aid with feel-better jewelry after she took a spill; Laura's mulled wine (which I preferred before the addition of the forgotten sugar); Jesse rocking out on the little kid's guitar; Laurie not making me wash the plastic cups; the kids sitting around the chimenea, ever so cute; Susan and Richard's awesome gift to me of a George W. Bush "aviator" doll; David playing "Jingle Bells" for all; Joanna's new MLA haircut; Chris's impeturbabilty when Des and Trav were flailing about him; the little "scary" doll things that elizabeg brought for Skylar and Kim; Richard having a few too many chocolate-covered raisins; Michael and Eric talking philosophy; Elliot's immersion in the world of iPod; Sean's Delta blues impression on the little kid's guitar; Lina's question about smoking when Sean's adviser was present; Beth's cake-bread thing that Kim is now eating; Sara and Yuanyuan talking about music; Skylar and Trav taking turns rescuing each other from the Witch King (me); Kim's mom under the Christmas Tree, fixing the HO train; me getting to eat and chat at will.

Merry Not-Quite-Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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