Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Pharmaceutical Poem #1

The American Flag

You could write that the American flag died quickly, how
purifying-pills played a minor role, the intervention in
Vietnam, red squares, a desecration previously discussed.
But the state was fine in its little corner. Alabama, Oklahoma,
Cunard etc. manifested new popularity: 30 sports programs,
wonderful boutiques. Sybaritic? Of course. $100,
increasing with days, and obtaining passage by Vistafjord --
that'd had it thinking of new facilities, phonetic revision,
and exercise. Now the deal is up. Or down. Recent
laws, owned by "W," are mostly a way to get a piece of
the flag and kill true research. They should jail them when
found, those of the old and white "has breakfast on deck" clubs.
Anyway, that jazz is in. Desecration is here and very now.
Tags: poetry

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