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A Collective Endeavor

art_thirst has taken the bait of my last entry, inspired, in turn, by amnesiascope's counter_memory avatar. My own rules are simple:
• You have to use every word in the original message; no additions or subtractions are permitted;
• You can change the punctuation and capitalization at will;
• If the original message had line breaks of the sort you see in poems, you must have the same number of lines in your revision
Luckily, many of the messages I've been getting consist of fourteen lines. Talk about handy! Ted Berrigan here I come. Anyone want to collaborate on a "spam cookbook"?

A Poem By "Pat Henson"

breakfast on deck. Sybaritic? Of course it is, but when
revision previously discussed, Alabama, Oklahoma, and
desecration with up to 30 days in jail and a $100 fine,
in the corner and deal with them. You could write that
had those little purifying-pills that'd kill the
white and red squares of the "W"--or phonetic
intervention in Vietnam, and died down quickly
new popularity was mostly manifested by its increasing
here is, "Are they true?" Recent research has found the
obtaining passage of state flag desecration laws, a
wonderful way the American flag played a very minor role
programs, jazz clubs, boutiques, sports facilities, etc.
thinking how they should get that new piece of exercise
Anyway, now the old Vistafjord is now owned by Cunard
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