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Thinking Outside the Box

The fabulous charliegrrrl, the driving force behind the excellent Other magazine and an all-around Renaissance ____, has an interesting entry today about the way in which transsexuals and bisexuals sometimes suffer similarly constraining classifications and the solidarity that might be forged between them as a result

In light of the ongoing discussions that our Friday night soirées at Congress have been inspiring -- I'll again namecheck siyeh, commonalgebra, hollsterhambone, and kdotdammit, as well as elizabeg and a variety of wonderful non-LJers -- I thought Charlie's perspective particularly important to consider. It's hard to think one's way outside of the boxes that others have thought up for us. But we're not going to find an escape route by sitting in the dark mourning our claustrophobic fate, are we? I'm so glad to be in the presence, virtual or otherwise, of so many people who are willing to think their way to freedom, however much tape they have to cut through along the way. Box cutters of the world, unite!

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