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The Camera Famileye

We got Skylar a camera Tuesday. When I took her to the Center For Creative Photography the week before last it was clear that she was intellectually ready for one. And since we're going to D.C. this weekend, it seemed like a good time. I got my camera when I was about her age. Of course, mine was a 126 Kodak. Hers is a $230 dollar digital number. But when you factor in the cost of film and the freedom that digital photography provides, the discrepancy doesn't seem quite so large.

The camera is easier to use than ours, I think, but not by much. It will take her a while to have full control over her picture-making. In the meantime, though, she's already demonstrating a distinct and interesting eye, similar in some respects to her mother's but a little more given to abstraction for abstraction's sake. Or maybe I'm just imagining that. Somehow, though, I think there's purpose to the Bean's practicing. For one thing, she's already quoting masterpieces of Western visual art:

Sure, the placement of the flash was an accident and that of elizabeg may have been too. What's interesting to me, though, is that she was happy with the result when she viewed it today. "That looks cool!" I wonder if other six-year-olds would have had that response. Prepare to see more Bean shots during our trip; I'm sure there will be some interesting ones.

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