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Perhaps This Is A Sign

We were all exhausted upon arrival in Washington D.C. yesterday, but still managed to have a lot of fun. We had a delicious dinner of mezze at the Lebanese Taverna, conveniently located across the street from our hotel. We frolicked in the pool. And we went through a walk across the "Lion Bridge" over the dense, green beauty of Rock Creek Park. Best of all, though, since this is our first summertime trip to the East Coast with Bean, we saw fireflies. I caught one to show her, an event documented by the older of our family's two diagonal-loving -- in German, wouldn't you know it, the word "diagonal" can be translated as quer -- women, the radiant kdotdammit:

The firefly in question was happy enough to wander across my skin, but too shy to light up for us. It flew off, hovering nearby, and we waited for it to flash a departing salutation. Later, on the walk back to the hotel, we saw more. "Are the fireflies that light up boys or girls, dad?" I told her I didn't know. "I bet they're boys, trying to attract girls." We're going to have to look that up. Right now, though, the Bean has finally risen from slumber and we have to go eat lunch before Kim's first meeting starts.

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