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Konnte kaum schaffen; hab's geschafft.

I had to run errands today. Not only did I have to brave Trader Joe's, I also had to go to Cost Plus, Best Buy, Circuit City, two different Payless Shoe Source locations and every store in the pretty large Tucson Mall that might possibly sell ballet slippers and/or tap shoes.

What did I get for my trouble? Milk, zucchini, cane sugar at TJ's, one present for Kim that I'd been looking for for weeks, some stocking stuffers, but not the main object of my quest.

What does it say about our society that you can find fuzzy girls slippers in almost every store in the mall, but almost no shoes. Don't girls have to walk anymore? Maybe that's one of those Defense of the Family initiatives.

Highlight: a red Toyota pick-up with Utah plates with two stickers on the back of the camper shell: "Save Wild Utah" and the standard-issue Che image with "Hasta La Victoria: Siempre" printed around it. One of those left-wing Mormons?

Lowlight: a sixty-something man buying a cheap loaf of white bread, pull-top canned stew, and a 24-pack of Budweiser for his Christmas dinner at Circle K, while munching on an overdone corn dog.

[We interrupt this broadcast to note that one of our gorgeous Harris hawks just flew right by my office window]

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