Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Family Resemblance

Today was my sister's birthday. I haven't seen her since her wedding last November, unfortunately. But I had a good talk with her on the phone today. I'm usually reluctant to call because my impression is that she is astonishingly busy at all times. I should get over that inhibition, though, because I'm always a lot happier after having spoken with her. Here's a photo I took of her at my father at my parents' favorite restaurant Guyamas -- at the ferry terminus in Tiburon, with a great view of Angel Island in the foreground and San Francisco in the distance -- last July:

I like photos where people look directly into the camera without posing. I imagine my sister does too, since she is a fine photographer. Here's hoping that she gets many opportunities to refine her talents as a portraitist in the months ahead, documenting the development of my soon-to-arrive nephew. Happy birthday, "My."

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