Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

The Perversity of Wishing

I'm torn. I just read yesterday's record report from the weather service:
Statement as of 7:00 PM MST on July 22, 2005

... All-time record for consecutive days with highs of 100 degrees or
higher has been tied in Tucson...

The Tucson International Airport hit 100 degrees or higher for the
39th consecutive day with a high of 101 degrees today. This ties the
all-time longest streak which was previously set in 1987. The streak
started on June 14th with the average high during this period being
106 degrees.
Should I pull for another 100-degree day, thereby confirming the intensity of this summer of madness? Or should I instead prefer an end to the streak, because the first day with a high below a 100 will seem like a divine reprieve for a mind that has been overheating far too often for its own good?

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