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From Someone Else's Archives

Well, I was a real asshole for an hour today and nearly ruined Christmas. Good thing Kim exerted herself to regroup. And Skylar was enormously helpful in making her mother feel better.

The rest of the day was great, though. I guess the stress of cooking a turkey at high heat got to me. Maybe it was just the smoke.

Anyway, it was nice of danlmarmot to post the link to his entry from the trip he and Chris made to Tucson two years ago. We went to the park to get Skylar fresh air once they arrived in mid-afternoon on the 25th, then hiked around the neighborhood (including adjoining desert since razed for still-to-come medical offices).

Other highlights of their visit included Skylar's difficulty, at first real and later on feigned, at telling Chris and Dan apart; Kim's pasta; our trip to CD city; and, of course, the refrain, "Hey, it's Franklin!"

Here's hoping I don't act so badly tomorrow. . .
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