Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

The Beast Within Has Scales; So Does Justice

I'm recovering today from several days of feeling possessed and not in an appealing way either. Like they tell you in Zen manuals, though, the first step is to label your feelings instead of merely feeling them. Last night, thanks to a moving entry by evilones, I reached that point. For better or worse, I've been brought face to facelessness with my own animality, which is not easy for someone who tries to float above the push-and-pull of bodies in a fuzzy-clouded firmament of reflection. In other words, I'm as much of a beast as the next being.

Maybe that's why I was so drawn this afternoon to the brilliant book Playing Bodies, in which Bob Perelman finds words for Francie Shaw's disturbing and wonderful images of what appears to be a human having intimate contact -- touching, hitting, wrestling, fucking -- with what appears to be a dinosaur:

Some strong light
shining from behind
will show me the names
if I don't fall off

There's a dark divider
between eyes and mind
My back must know its name already
No face when I turn around

Come dark I'll turn around
and remember the names
facing from the great stage
if I don't fall off
It's an incredible collaboration. Buy it while you still can, since it was published in a small print run. It's a wonderful way to get in touch with your inner lizard, which in my case is a stegosaurus with low self-esteem.

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