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Black Is the New Pink

The other day Bean dressed up as a rock star for summer camp. Although she was reluctant to hold still, I did manage to get a few good shots of her, both alone and with her mother. So long as she was singing, she didn't find my presence too intrusive:

But when I asked her to hold a particular pose in a particular place -- the contrast was giving the camera fits -- her inner anarchist came to the fore:

Bear in mind that this is the friendliest expression in the series!

The human beings in our household all have a penchant for holding grudges. Perhaps we should be more forgiving. Our refusal to let go makes for some edgy pictures, though. I love my daughter's smile. But there's something about the attitude she's projecting in this shot that I wouldn't trade for a hundred Hallmark moments:

I'm sure Bean would want you to know that she dressed herself. She even applied her own lipstick. I realize that the pink-and-black look is all over the mall these days, yet she manages to reclaim it for the punk aesthetic. Lately, she goes around stating that strength is a special kind of beauty. I think she means it.

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