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A Chill To Cut the Heat

My friend Jonathan reports on his blog -- August 3rd, 2005 -- about a disturbing lagniappe included in his Amazon order. This is an excerpt from the letter he wrote in response:
My order arrived just fine. However, included with my brand new copy of Judith Wajcman’s Techno Feminism was a “promissory note” for “eternal life” "by the authority of God" for the “forgiveness of sin [presumably mine], public and private through faith [again, presumably mine] in the blood of jesus christ [presumably from inside his body and not purchased on the black market]” [material in brackets added for clarification].
I haven't been using Amazon because Barnes & Noble is a considerably "bluer" corporation, but had to do so yesterday for an order placed through my Department. I wonder whether my selection of Ulli Lommel's Richard Hell-starring Blank Generation and Maya Deren experimental films will prompt some Amazon staffer to send me a similar note.

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