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Disturbing Realizations

I just ate a banana from a bunch I purchased at a horrible non-union store that I was forced to shop at the other day. And it was good. In fact, whenever I get the cheap, non-organic bananas from that sort of place, they taste much better to me than the organic kind I can buy at Wild Oats. Why is that? I've had a related experience with eggs. We only buy the free-range sort, most of which come from the Petaluma area in Sonoma County, where jewish Anarchists -- including Winona Rider's ancestors, I believe -- started farming chickens a century ago. And they taste better than the industrial sort that you buy cheap at the supermarket. But their shells are ridiculously thin. They don't even crack in a satisfying manner. It's like slamming your fist into safety glass. So the pursuit of hard-boiled eggs is a sortee in which you are bound to lose several members of the troop to premature splitting. And Easter eggs? Don't even bother trying to make the sort that dry out from the inside out and last for eternity. If it's the shell you're after, better go for the bad sort. Otherwise you'll risk fearing that the chickens who laid your eggs were subjected to high levels of DDT.

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