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Passing On El Paso

Kim was at the movies during the bedtime ritual yesterday, which meant that I got to tell a Roger Rabbit story. It went awry, oddly, when Obi Wan Kenobi, who operates under the delusion that he's -- ::speaking in an exaggerated Scottish accent:: -- actually "Ewan McGregor," praised Kim's "cute button nose." Skylar is apparently not in favor of her mother being "cute" or "adorable." But before that unfortunate incident, the highlight of the story was Obi Wan wandering around El Paso, claiming that it was preferable to Glasgow -- Annakin begged to differ -- and explaining that he now likes his haggis "southwestern style." Even then, though, Bean wasn't buying it. "Why do they have to stop in El Paso anyway, dad. When I hear 'El Paso' I think of a boring place that serves salad and beer." It looks like my long-nurtured dream of visiting the home of the Sun Bowl is even more unlikely to be a family affair than it used to be. Anyone want to join me on a roadtrip there? I'll even let you hunt for haggis.

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