Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Leaving San Diego

This is my second and final post from the MLA book fair. Going to the last few, frantic hours of the fair, when most things are half-off and some -- usually at trade presses -- are free is an experience sure to brighten my mood.

The food still hasn't done me right. And I can't compensate at In-and-Out Burger, given the you-know-what problem.

I didn't get many books today. Not much money to spare. Not a lot I'm looking for. But I did pick up a few books of interviews with intellectuals/critics/academics. I've always preferred to read interviews with theorists before reading their "real" work -- I need a context -- and tend to reread those interviews before reading more of that "real" work.

I also scored some absurdly discounted Grove/Atlantic titles, resisting, however, the impulse to add to my Dennis Cooper archive.

I'm more tired than I usually would be at the end of the MLA because of my tour guide function. Poor Gideon, who was sick when I picked him up, is looking terrible. Doing your first feature interview on a topic so vast and full of hot zones is not easy.

I've tried to be supportive of his endeavor, perhaps at the expense of my own representation within the finished product. But I feel that a good feature on the MLA is preferable to a piece focusing on me.

Eric's panel this morning went well. His paper was beautifully written and beautifully read-aloud. It was cool to hear so many echoes of the class we taught together on post-1945 French and German culture.

I'm debating whether to drive up to L.A. to see John Brady. The weather could be a factor. It's supposed to rain here, but is still semi-sunny.

Well, I'd better find Gideon, so I can process his latest encounter with him.

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