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If You Aren't On Live Journal Yourself. . .

I know a number of you read De File regularly but do not have Live Journal accounts. That's fine, since my policy is to make all entries public. But it does mean that when you comment on an entry it sometimes takes quite a while for me to "unscreen" your comment and make it visible. If you'd like to avoid that delay and also learn when someone responds to your comment -- a helpful feature -- you can set up your own Live Journal account to use expressly for commenting on other people's journals. Some of my friends who have blogs elsewhere, like masoo,jsterne, and fredoluv, have done that, as well as friends who don't, such as marcegoodman. Also, it would make my life a teeny bit easier. No one needs to know who you are either. And if you only want the LJers whose entries you comment on to know, you can just send them a private e-mail with the information. Anyway, here's where you make your Live Journal account. It takes five minutes. This public service announcement is now complete.

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