Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Perfect Storm?

The drama in this piece about Hurricane Katrina is more impressive when you realize that it's running in The Washington Post, which is generally not given to hyperbole. I really hope the worst-case scenario envisioned here gets laughed off afterwards as fear-mongering, because it sounds extremely frightening. And that bit about 1969's Hurricane Camille, which has fascinated me since I was in elementary school? That's some seriously fine gothic description:
Camille struck with the force of several hydrogen bombs, altering forever the topography of the Mississippi coast. Its nearly 200-mph winds and 25-foot storm surge exploded concrete buildings and erased entire communities -- then gouged open graveyards and hung corpses in the live oaks like so much Spanish moss. There was a problem for a time telling the storm victims from those already embalmed.
Meterological crisis seems to bring out the best in author Ken Ringle.

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