Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Home Sick

So I finally have my first day at home in ages and what happens? I come down with a bug, possibly the one that has been making Kim so miserable. Still, it's nice to have more time here so I can finally get some things on my to-do list done. So far, however, I've mostly been doing things I do all the time anyway: putting out food for the tortoises, spraying the hose into the nest of the biting ants that have made our backyard inhospitable, mourning the death of the basil and pepper plants that the infestation of grubs has wrought, doing the dishes, making coffee and then letting it get cold while I write this, extracting laundry from the dryer. It's quite a life. I figure as long as I keep bustling I won't spend the day conked out on the sofa.

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