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I'm off to L.A. in a little while. As usual, I'm driving and will pick up Kim and Skylar at the airport tomorrow. We're going to hit Disneyland, the beach, and the Getty. IKEA will factor in at some point too.

It has been a very crazy week for me. Many deadlines. And Kim's dad went in for hip-replacement surgery Tuesday. It went well and the prospects are good, but the stress was pretty hard to take on top of all the other stress of late.

I do finally seem to be recovering from the bronchial/sinus ailment that had me down for the last couple weeks. Some part of it must have been bacterial, because the Zithromax worked.

I'll detail my listening choices during the drive there and back after I've returned.

By then, of course, we'll know whether the Giants have made good on the promise of game one or the horror of game two.

At least the A's did something right. . .

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