Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Turning Around

In these trying times, it's comforting to know that the God-fearing Conservatives beset on every side by liberal inanity still have the courage to speak out. After reading this piece from The Conservative Voice, I realized just how wrong my thinking about the situation in New Orleans has been. This is the sentence that triggered my conversion: "How can one person by the name of G. W. Bush be expected to give back in three days what has been stolen for many decades of spiritual neglect and willful robbing a nation of it's moral compass! " I mean, Jesus probably could have managed it, but he was the son of God and not the son of a Bush. But whether I'm safe in the hands of the former or the latter, its wonderful to feel my worries fade into wisps of memory. My heart can barely contain it's joy.

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