Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Beef Surprise

With the exception of a few months during her pregnancy, Kim has restricted her eating of beef to the hamburgers I make her. But lately I've discovered a way to get her to eat steak. I go to Safeway and pick up a marked-down T-bone (or two), the sort that taste better because they have aged adequately but which are about to lose the appearance that makes them marketable. I then stop at Trader Joe's for sliced mushrooms and, if we're out, onions. When I get home, I start the rice and then grind up some of those frozen Israeli garlic cubes that TJ's sells, a ton of ginger, and some red pepper, adding a little olive oil at the end to make it easier to spread. I then score the steak and liberally apply this mixture to its crevices, leaving about half of the garlic-ginger-pepper concoction for later. The steak goes under the broiler. I then start frying onion slices in the cast-iron pan without any liquid so that they brown quickly, throw in the mushrooms after a spell, deglaze the pan with a little white white and toss on the remainder of the garlic-ginger-pepper concoction. After a couple minutes I toss the onions and mushrooms with a little soy sauce and turn them down to the lowest setting on the burner. Meanwhile, I flip the steak. When it's close to being done, I slather some teriyaki sauce -- I particularly like the Island Teriyaki that TJ's sells -- onto both sides of the steak and wait for it to get the crispy black edges that Kim prefers. By this time the onion-mushroom side dish is done. I like to fill a plate with rice, put on the veggies, and then add the steak. Kim has been skipping the rice. Either way, though, the food is delicious and restorative for anyone who feels like they get something from red meat that is otherwise hard to come by. I've always fallen into that category, even when it felt horrible un-PC to admit. But Kim does too, periodically. I'm glad, in this week of extreme stress, that I was able to make her something that helped make her a little calmer. Tonight I added a new step to the recipe, slicing some more onions and making a bed out of them onto which I deposited the steak. They got nice and tasty underneath it.
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