Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Some Clichés Stick Like Sugar Syrup

This is my first time driving in the Boston area. Since I was three I've had it in my head that "Massachusetts drivers" are insane and that there's no place worse to drive in the United States than Boston. After driving in Tucson amid the snowbirds and on L.A. freeways getting passed like a horse and buggy while doing 85mph and in Italy, I'm not finding the drivers here quite as frightening as I thought I would. You just have to keep moving. But that approach exacerbates the other part of the problem with driving here, which is that the roads are terribly marked and incapable of going in a straight line. Well, maybe the ones in Boston proper are. From my hotel in Woburn to Harvard University in Cambridge, however, the roads are astonishingly difficult to navigate. Most intersections don't have a sign for the street you're actually one, which happens to change regularly. What numbered routes they do have pass from one road to another at the slightest provocation. And there are no landmarks to guide you. Yesterday morning I could sort of make out the glow of the sun to the east, struggling to break through an overcast sky. Last night I had no such luck. I drove for thirty minutes at one point, sure I was almost to the cut-across to Woburn and suddenly found myself right back where I started. At least I discovered a Peet's upon my return to sender. Maybe the prospect of good coffee will lead me to my destination a little more efficiently today.

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