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Another Found Poem

I don't know why I find these poems so delightful. But they make my day:
genre frustrater shimmy brad rheumatism initial enterprise immoral diopter charta myron deferred appendices morphophonemic occult construct retract entice assurance shady carbide loggerhead salvatore insurrect ahem burro despise shovel insupportable blockhouse roberto riga argillaceous abscissae toss ammunition assemble murray perhaps martian crosshatch souffle lengthy lilac geranium commutate etiology arid hereby depressant workout oriental donnybrook imbrium canada goethe whelan dumb cedilla recompense orthodontic disruptive airy neckline consolidate letterman agglutinin ontology lithology transit contribute glenda babysitting blastula assail deathward mum tub elmer bernie celia fictitious gait deflater lodgepole auschwitz haddad citation sweater apprentice beebe capillary tampa andre conscript essential constructible alliterate phase abridge breeze gluey gordon stirling barbital urbane integer bateman teledyne blatz notorious axle condition freed pummel man stardom lisbon earthmoving epicyclic erickson christendom hempstead blackberry syntheses honoree kink ligature soapy bigelow clout anaglyph sst matriculate sickroom bump sloppy precipice briton fedders adler crinkle promethium asheville impute doherty abyss hap nothing colloquial fraud alundum weston maladapt waldorf aerogene violet backboard cleat rapture denature psaltery womanhood desiderata teaspoonful arabic extension lamplight cypress dogberry craw zesty oman swimsuit luggage stench shell kafka centroid pappy haiku rebellion stephen guttural zen cobol eyed bamboo honda pebble gladys ca nagasaki sermon degassing apocrypha grizzly suicidal segundo dachshund inconstant polka bushy ada desk regime minneapolis rectitude bunkmate banks forth codfish bombast anticipatory bench colatitude impudent marquee woodrow grease b loomis billfold resolute superbly floury tar exact drummond induct appellant singable aflame crystallographer appropriable carbondale lock airdrop anthony anthony whore officious amanita absenteeism cartridge chile biennial autograph knit bond axisymmetric attribute liquidus dizzy kate esposito accentuate blomquist may retrofit spacious dobson blackmail cretaceous nielsen operatic mess clitoris corridor desicate ani lieu starlet upstream browse pasteur presumed quantitative condition electrician clad these religion
Somewhere, I suppose, a signal is reaching its destination.

Me, I've decided to adopt the name-of-plume "Hempstead Blackberry." My next low-brow hardcore band will be "Haiku Rebellion." And my electronic music collective will be "Martian Crosshatch."
Tags: poetry, spam

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