Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Shuffling West On Route 22

I've had a bad day and a worse week, particularly on the home front. But I'm feeling a little better, despite my mental exhaustion, as I wander about the house listening to Kim's iPod Shuffle, which I just loaded with a new selection of songs, and doing menial tasks that I would otherwise put off for tomorrow. It's funny that these tiny, screenless devices turned out to be the ones that brought us on board with the millions of other iPod users that preceded us I prefer shuffle mode when I'm working. I like to be surprised. And the near weightless feel of the thing totally changes the way I experience the music as a body. It makes a bubble in which I find myself moving in ways that might otherwise make me feel sheepish. When Prince came on singing "Uptown," I wiggled in my office with the too-self-conscious-to-be-self-conscious abandon of my junior high self. Later, when The Cure's cover of "Love Will Tear Us Apart" started playing -- BTW, I'll do something drastic for anyone who can get me a high fidelity version of that track -- I went outside and lifted my arms toward the Catalina Range, turning softly in the ever-so-welcome coolness of approaching fall. It may be an extremely little freedom that this device affords me, but I hold it dear regardless. Or, more precisely, I don't need to hold it dear or otherwise, because it's light enough not to require holding. Did I mention how much easier it makes mopping the kitchen floor?
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