Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

The Comparison

It will be interesting to see what the constantly vilified Barry Bonds does next year. But his ever-so-brief appearance with the San Francisco Giants this season suggests that he still has something in the tank, whereas his onetime rival Sammy Sosa -- back in 1998, no one talked about Bonds at all -- seems to have been running on fumes for quite some time. Of course, Barry was a far better player than Sosa at their respective peaks as all-around athletes -- 1991-1996 for Barry, I'd say -- and remains a far better hitter than Sosa (or Mark McGwire) ever was. Still, in this time of renewed Barry-basing -- the San Francisco Chronicle's odious Bruce Jenkins has outdone himself with today's über-odious column, to give just one example of hundreds -- it bears repeating that, if we assume that the worst rumors are actually are true, the consumption of performance-enhancing substances doesn't seem to extend the longevity of players' careers nearly as much as their overall brilliance. I know, I know: I can't shut up about this. The thing is, I have months of baseball commentary to catch up on, with almost no hope of my team's season outliving the weekend.
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