Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

My Style of PMS

Apparently your prayers did no good, because I managed to act like an idiot despite the fact that I had sworn on my three-volume German edition of Das Kapital that I would tiptoe around any topic likely to incite me or my partner. I knew when she moped out to the kitchen and announced that she was approaching that problematic hormonal stage that the fire danger was extreme. And yet I still presumed to tell her how she "really" feels and then got my own feelings hurt when she responded in the appropriate manner, telling me to remove my fingers from what is rightfully hers. Worse still, my hurt feelings led me to make a series of ill-considered statements that only added marshmallows to the fire. I've apologized for my absurd behavior and am attempting to regain my composure by making this confession. But rest assured that any comment I make about what antihistamines do to my psyche are not exaggerated at all. When I read the description of PCP's effects on people I think, "Hmmm, that's sort of how I feel after a few days alternating different antihistamines." I'm not kidding. Kim used to call me "Monster" with affection. But the "pre-monstral syndrome" I suffer at times like these does not turn me into a monster worthy of any kindness. All I can say is, "Steer clear."

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