Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Serenity Now!

As my partner has already related, our experience of watching Serenity was one of many disappointments today. I'm more inclined to give both the science-fiction genre and television shows a pass than she is, but I didn't protest when she suggested that we leave the film at halfway point. I'm glad we watched some of it, though, because the combination of stilted language and stilted delivery made for some memorable lines worthy of enshrinement in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 hall of fame. My favorite moment was when the female mechanic -- my type, if you're interested -- who announced to the rest of the spaceship's crew that it had been over a year since she'd had anything not powered by batteries inside her. Except she phrased that revelation a little differently, the key phrase being, "twixt my nethers." I think this will become my new password to pleasure.
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