Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Anti-American Girl

For years I've sequestered each of the two dozen American Girl catalogues that come in the mail as soon as they arrive because A) the shit costs too much and Bean has way too many product lines already and B) because I enjoy reading them over and over in order to refresh my memory of important events in American history and their interface with the longue durée of everyday life. But I've always taken it for granted that the company that makes them is an ally of Satan. Well, guess what? I was right. They're trying to help the Dark Lord out in his quest to turn God-fearing girls into muff divers:
American Girl, manufacturer of a highly popular line of dolls and children's books, has become the target of conservative activists threatening a boycott unless the toy maker cuts off contributions to a youth organization that supports abortion rights and acceptance of lesbians.
The next thing you know they'll be making a little Emma Goldman doll!

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