Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch


I've been having a lot of difficulty knowing what to write here over the past few months. My handwritten journals are brimming with material that I intend to transfer to this medium. But something keeps stopping me from completing the task. Or, to be more precise, some things. The biggest hurdle is the knowledge that I seem to have A) readers who take everything I write literally; B) readers who take everything I write figuratively; and C) that I frequently play both of those roles myself. That is, I'd love to lash out at all the people who are too dense to comprehend my provocatively dispersed musings, but realize that doing so would leave me with more lacerations than I'm prepared to treat. Tonight I had the thought that, having failed to post an entry for over 48 hours, I could simply stop my Live Journal cold. Although I'm not likely to follow through on this thought, the mere fact that I had it in the first place is worth probing. My frustrations with this medium have been mounting. Maybe it's time to find a new approach to it.

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