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Champagne Supernova

As Kim has noted on her blog, our wedding day, 10/26/96, was filled with highlights, the brightest of which was the sense of community created by the presence of so many loved ones, including LJers letter_2elise, cpratt, leela_cat, masoo, batdina, danlmarmot, and samifo. I second the importance of all the moments she mentions and want to note others: JF and I performing a rousing version of the Cal fight song; FD, BS, AB and others doing the hula hoop with aplomb; walking up the street to where the smokers were congregating and having the nerve to join them; standing over my dad's rental car with TS, listening to the Yankees clinch the World Series; watching RH stare longingly at two lovebirds making out; greeting BJ and her husband and recalling her as a four-year-old playing with my sister; observing a moment of reverence for the two Pavement songs on the soundtrack; and, crucially, being dazzled by the shimmering beauty of my partner in both her cream and green dresses.

And then there was the food. Although the caterers had supposedly set aside plates for us, anticipating that we wouldn't get to eat much during the wedding itself, those plates had disappeared by its conclusion. This made us unhappy, since we'd invested a lot in the food and wanted to see how it tasted for ourselves. Luckily, though, we were able to indulge in the pre-dinner course of champagne and chocolate truffles.

For several years, Kim and I had been making a pilgrimage to the City in order to pick up the Chocolate Argonaut's sublime creations. Better than Cocolat, better than Joseph Schmidt, their truffles were the pinnacle of rich, chocolatey goodness. Whenever we needed a gift for someone, we'd bring them a selection of their wares. No one complained. One year, perhaps 1995, Kim took me to the Chocolate Argonaut's Market Street location for a birthday dinner. The main course was delicious. But the dessert blew it away. It was too complex to describe. For all that, though, I would have been happiest with a few of their classic Gran Marnier and champagne truffles. Those were the flavors we selected for the wedding. They were gone in a flash. But no one who ate them will ever forget their magnificence. I miss the Chocolate Argonaut. And I miss you.

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