Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

All Souls Procession

We walked in the All Souls Procession for the second year this evening. I'm sure we'll walk in many more. It's the sort of event that makes the annoyances of life in Tucson -- the summer heat, the winter heedless -- seem inconsequential. My partner has collected some of the best snapshots -- I was behind the camera for most of them -- into a photo album you can visit to get a sense of the event. I have to share one of the photos with you here, even though she has already posted it, because it features many of my favorite aspects of life in Tucson:

There's the wonderful late afternoon light, the western end of the Catalina Range, the knowledge that we're heading down the hill on Oracle to do something fun, the feeling of sitting in "New Silver," and, of course, the skeleton riding in the back to give things that touch of Southwestern Surrealism that provides the antidote to all the subdivisions and strip malls.

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