Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Tripping Out

I burned a copy of my colleague's CD collection of famous poets reading their work. Today I'm tripping out on a few things: A) the fact that Robert Frost sounds exactly like William S. Burroughs; B) the fact that William Carlos Williams almost sounds like a girl; C) the fact that Ezra Pound sounds like a pompous ass -- wait a minute, he was a pompous ass -- with a flair for the melodramatic; but, most of all, D) the fact that we have a recording of Walt Whitman reading his work, however briefly. I mean, Walt Whitman! The man was born in 1819, for crying out loud. Trippier still is the fact that his speech sounds so normal. Even though it's hard to hear, the words still come through forcefully. And he sounds neither down to earth nor pretentious. But, damn, the man died in 1892. Thank you, Thomas Edison.
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