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Today is the first day of the semester. On top of the need to focus on my book project, the demands of teaching will make the next five months a continuous "crunch time." I'll still be posting here, obviously, but much of the energy I've been devoting to the past will have to be redirected towards the future.

One outcome is that this space will become a little more "professional" in its orientation. What I talk about will be more consistently related to my writing and teaching. It doesn't mean that I've forsaken accessibility as a goal or am retreating from my position on "personal" writing.

I will continue to love the writing of journalists who communicate the ideas that interest me more simply and directly than most academics. I will continue to love the writing of "amateurs" who fashion a self for public consumption in their journals. But these loves will have to be sublimated into the reading and writing I'm required to do for my day job.

Simply put, my life is entering a phase in which work will lord over home. And, to the extent that my blog reflects my life, it will be mirroring that transformation.
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