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My Year

Inspired by _luaineach, but taking a tiny bit of artistic license along the way:
During my years in the Washington D.C. area and subsequent visits home for the holidays, the highlights of New Year's Day were eating my mother's breakfast pastry of the moment and hearing my father, the consummate reader-out-loud, recite the Post's list of "ins and outs" for the new year. I just got back from Phoenix, where I picked up Sami, Kim's oldest friend and Skylar's favorite "uncle." After a long day that started with my 8am class, proceeded up I-10 and back, and ended at Safeway, I reached the following conclusion: sometimes the first of April is a letter that arrives at its destination early, wearing a blood-colored corsage. I'm about to finish this weekend's around-the-house project, the directing of hundreds of CDs to their proper place. I've been struggling the last two weeks with the new Sufjan Stevens album Illinois. Here's hoping everything goes at least as well as it did last time, February 4th, 2004, when she had her adenoids out. I bought Skylar the shiny, silver basketball I'd been promising her all week. We saw our friend Sami off well. Inspired by the abstract writing on art that my partner has been doing, as well as her foray into sharing music mixes over the internet, I've decided to experiment with some writing of my own as a way of introducing songs that matter to me.
Apparently this was the year for the letter "S."
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