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Classics of World Cinema

I've decided that it's time to fill in the gaps in my education by watching some of the greatest films ever made. I'm starting tonight with my belated anniversary present: Night of the Lepus. The special effects in the new King Kong are well and fine, but it takes a lot more talent to make a herd of rabbits strike fear into the hearts of women and men. Throw in Janet Leigh, the fakest blood this side of 2000 Maniacs, the finest cars and fashions of 1972, plentiful vistas of the Santa Rita, Rincon, and Catalina ranges, and a shot of the U of A mall in all its dry-season splendor and you have a cinematic experience to make the readers of Arizona Highways drool. Next up is Antonioni's Red Desert. But it will have to be mighty fine to measure up.

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