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On the Other Hand. . .

Yes, it was ridiculously warm today, making it hard to get in the holiday spirit. But the weather was so nice that we could take Bean to the junior high school athletic fields to try out her new soccer ball and baseball glove.

She has been showing interest in playing sports all of a sudden, perhaps because her friends are doing it. Needless to say, I welcome this development. I wondered, though, whether she'd find her first experience of softball too daunting, given how hard it has been for her to get comfortable in basketball and soccer. Not a chance.

Indeed, she shows signs of being a natural. Despite an unorthodox motion, she managed to get the ball into my glove with surprising accuracy and a satisfying slap. She can bring it!

She also hit the ball cleanly on her first swing, though my good advice seemed to confuse her after that. Still, the experiment in America's pastime was a rousing success. And this photo of her having fun makes me happier than words can express. So maybe there is something to be said for 80+ degree Christmas days.
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