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Rock and Cactus Horror

I just got back a little while ago from seeing Rocky Horror Picture Show at The Loft. I went because I knew it was one of the informal events that the Bears of the Old Pueblo had suggested for "Fiesta," an ursine gathering that has almost entirely taken over the Clarion hotel on Alvernon.

I stayed at the same hotel during my campus visit -- really a four-day job interview with tasty dinners thrown in -- in January 2000. No, I don't remember it fondly. But I'm glad cpratt, danlmarmot and company have reclaimed the site of so much personal tension for hirsute pleasures.

Anyway, back to the "film" experience. Sean met me after Lina prodded him to overturn his decision not to go. Chris and Dan had saved us good seats inside. How good I didn't realize until later.

A contingent of bears one row in front of us put on the most coordinated, consistently hilarious performance watching the film that I've ever experienced. It was like MST3K, only more fun because it was live. I couldn't believe how in sync they were!

The "native" performers in Heavy Petting -- mostly teens, it seemed -- who act out the movie in front of the screen paled in comparison.

And that was the only problem. I felt bad for the confused, muddle-mouthed Tucsonans being shown up by a phalanx of furry out-of-towners.

Most of the pre-show, before they start showing the movie itself, vacillated between boring lip-synched numbers and the MC's witty repartee. By far the best part, however, was the "sacrificing" of Rocky Horror villains, which involved the spinning of a wheel of shame. One "virgin" had to put a strawberry-scented condom on a banana -- held suggestively at crotch level by a woman -- without using her hands. She gets points for bravery.

It was fun to soak up Chris -- still "Christopher" in my mind, mind you -- and Dan's aura. I'm really looking forward to their visit tomorrow.
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