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Homage à Hodgepodge

You'll be happy to know that Tucson International Airport now has a free wireless hotspot in the seating area for El Charro Rapido, right next to the giant chile pepper sculptures. I'm pleased. Of course, the only reason I found out is that, after sitting in horrible Gem Show traffic, parking in the more expensive day parking lot, and running like O.J. Simpson into the terminal to beat the thirty-minute-before-the-flight deadline for checking in for my flight, I learned that my exertions were pointless because the flight was so overbooked that I would have had to arrive an hour ahead of time to preserve my seat. I forgot, not only how bad the Gem Show makes getting around Tucson, but also that people fly both in and out of town throughout the affair. More are arriving than departing, to be sure, but, as the United representative told me, this is an extremely busy time for arrivals and departures. At least I have some time to relax now before my revised 1:30pm departure. And I get to share with you, my loyal readers, the results of the photographic flâneurie I used to pass the time. Extra credit for anyone who figures out the silliness of the pun in my subject header.

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