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After reading others online journals for ages, I have finally taken the plunge. It will take me a while to get used to doing this, so apologies for the boredom any of my initial entries will inspire.

Today I'm sorting more of my papers, returning to some work I've held over from last week, and going to dinner at my in-laws and, if I can win control of the television on a football Sunday, watching my San Francisco Giants against the Arizona Diamondbacks -- Jason Schmidt pitching against Brandon Webb -- on a big-screen TV.

Tomorrow I go to Phoenix to "the Bob" to see the Giants live, which I'm greatly looking forward to, not having seen them in person during the regular season since around June of 2000.

In the news in our household today:

1) My four-year-old daughter Skylar is once again obsessing on death. She says she had a dream last night that her mother died. It was "Mom's night out", so there's a good chance that she did. But, even if she didn't, she's still going to talk about it as a way of "processing" her anxieties surrounding Kim's absence.

Today they were in Kim's art room working on the mobile for Skylar's new pre-school class. Kim got out some of her metallic glitter shapes, the sort that have supplanted confetti, and Skylar picked up some Christmas tree ones and began asking about Tibbs, our cat who died shortly after we moved to Tucson in March, 2001. You see, those Christmas tree shapes were part of the contents of the Christmas poppers that we had on Christmas morning in 2000. They went everywhere, including all over Tibbs's fur, which amused the then-two-year-old Skylar greatly. And, of course, since she remembers EVERYTHING with the slightest provocation, her mind made the connection between the shiny trees in her hand and the loss of her cat, prompting periodic bouts of sadness relieved by Kim's hugs and long conversations about death, heaven etc.

Skylar is one intense kid.

2) Our reptiles were unusually active this morning as we worked in the back yard. First Tim, the full-grown box turtle who, along with his companion Marie, is FINALLY getting used to his new home after six months, was out waiting for snacks and got the scraps from the peach Kim had cut up for Skylar's breakfast. Then Max, our two-year-old desert tortoise who belies the reputation of his species as sedentary, came out when Kim was weeding and got some breakfast of his own, then motored about the yard at, for a tortoise, high speed, munching on weeds. Then his sister Felicia, more shy and slow, came out and ate almost all of one weed that she liked. Marie, alas, didn't come out, but Kim saw her in one of her favorite spots.

3) Kim and Skylar have driven to Home Depot/Petco/Target in Oro Valley to run a series of errands. They're going to have lunch at Rubio's Baja Grill. Usually I would have accompanied them, but felt like staying here and reading.

The first priority, however, is lunch. It's tuna casserole from Kim's mom. Kim hates tuna casserole, but I like it.

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