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Sami his here, this time with his partner Andrew, and all is right with our domestic space. Skylar gets so, so happy when she's around them. And it makes Kim feel grounded -- she's been best friends with Sami since 1982 -- in a way that nothing else does.

Coming on the heels of cpratt and danlmarmot's visit, which made us feel similarly secure -- Christopher is one of our oldest mutual friends and he and Dan have been a model of how to live together as grown-ups since Kim and I got married -- the effect of our present visitors is doubled.

Throw in Viet's visit to speak in our department yesterday, with all our shared memories of working at the Graduate Assembly and being at Berkeley, and I feel "articulated" -- tied together, if you will -- in a way that I frequently no longer do.

I wish all the unpleasantness at Bad Subjects hadn't been accompanying these pleasures, but it actually contributes to my sense that everything has converged.

Of course, the fact that I've been able include Sean, Susan, Laura, and Eric a bit in my Bay Area worlds means that it's not simply a case of nostalgia.

I do think, though, that we need to go to the Bay Area this summer. I'm not sure I can be away for more than a year without losing it.
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