Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch


I talked with Skylar this morning. She proceeded to reel off a great number of facts about ferrets. Kim says she has read the book she got from the library many times already. It was like hearing myself at her age. I used to lecture my mother about the latest topic of interest -- snakes, whales, rocks -- and read catalogues over and over trying to figure out whether I could acquire them somehow. I like the fact that Skylar is getting into stereotypically "boy" activities, like the marshaling of science facts -- all the boys in her class prefer to read non-fiction -- without losing all the girly ones that she was already into. I want to encourage to experiment with science and technology. It certainly made me feel better talking to her today, but I miss her. It's time to go home. First, though, I need to visit a certain location on Bardstown Road. . .
Tags: everyday, family

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