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Southwest of Cincinnati

I went out for brunch in Louisville today, at Lynn's Paradise Cafe, a place recommended by that former student of mine I met at the conference.

After days of eating late and badly -- the first night I was even forced to go to a Denny's that made the old Vallejo waterfront locale seem chic by comparison -- the excellence of the food was almost too much to bear.

But I survived, realizing along the way that my love of reliquified polenta with over-easy eggs swirled into them is basically a love for a classic Southern breakfast. Mmmmmm. I can't imagine a more satisfying -- or filling -- way to start the day, even if that starting takes place at 2:30pm. Did I mention that the biscuits were homemade and the coffee worthy of the Great Northern Hotel in Twin Peaks?

And I loved the decor of the place, although I must admit that the flat-panel screen above the men's room urinals was distressingly odd in that context.

Maybe I should get a painting of Louisville to hang above the ones in Modern Languages. It can cover up that perpetually reinscribed "No Mentoring Zone" grafitti.
Tags: food, humor, travel
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