Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch


I can't wait for tomorrow to be over. The anxiety is giving me fits. I'm already saying, "He's going to miss the free throw," over and over, like a Hail Mary in advance. Meanwhile, I'm also getting prematurely upset about an exclusion that shouldn't even happen in theory. The Bears -- you didn't think I was talking about something else, did you? -- were the only ones in the Pac-10 to beat every other team at least once. UCLA couldn't manage it. Washington couldn't. Arizona couldn't. Together with Cal's 12-6 conference record, that should be enough to get them past the doorman at Studio 65. But shoulds are slippery things. Maybe I should take a break to watch the Oregon-Washington State game, since seeing teams I'm not invested in relaxes me. Maybe I should go to bed. Maybe I should just make like Nietzsche and dispense with the idea that practical reasoning is always already modal. Some day I'll write a book called Philosophy in the Sports Bar.
Tags: autobiography, sports, theory

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