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Without a Doubt

The last twelve hours have been really good. I had fun rewatching Kontroll in order to write my IAS notes. The writing itself came easily, not least because I avoided being a perfectionist. I had the perfect opportunity to call my dad, since Syracuse had just won its third Big East Tournament game in a row, and in the same thrilling fashion as on Wednesday and Thursday, to make the finals and solidify their invitation to the Dance. Although I made the mistake of turning onto Park, all the while thinking I was on First, and got pulled over for exceeding the 25 MPH speed limit -- Old Red has no instrument panel, so it's hard to gauge one's pace -- and having a headlight out, the very nice Tucson Police Department officer who pulled me over let me go with a warning, noting that he has a problem staying under the limit on the same stretch and waving me on with a smile. I was able to pick up Bean from Kids' Night Out and secure a few minutes of quality time before heading over to Kim's parents' house. Cal got down by sixteen early in their Pac-10 Tournament semifinal match-up against Oregon, came back to take the lead, got down again by seven with under three minutes to go, but managed to make it to overtime, then won the game in a second overtime. That means that the Bears, like the Orange, are pretty much assured of being an at-large team in the field of 65. I had fun watching with Kim's dad, who was more energetic than usual and even rooted audibly for Cal to win. I ate a whole bag of Trader Joe's greens, which invariably give me a pleasant rush. And now, for the icing on the cake, I'm going to clean the cat box, delighting our three beasts with a fresh place to leave their calling cards. Here's hoping that tomorrow brings similarly pleasant tidings.
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