Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

A Few of My Favorite Things

I'm too tired to compose the entries I've been planning to write, but do have the energy to list some of my happiness triggers:
• The flannel shirts I got out of storage a few months back, after not using them since we moved to Tucson, and have been deploying as jackets avant la lettre
• The way a freshly opened sleeve of Thin Mints smells
• Getting hit with a snowball by my winter-deprived daughter
• The rush I get from guitar-centric New Order songs, from "Ceremony" to "Krafty"
• Making a drop step, followed by a hook shot
• Anything involving sliced beef, mushrooms, ginger, and onions over rice
• The point of no return
• Arts and Crafts-style homes on Berkeley side streets
• That tingling sensation on the tip of my tongue
• Hearing a cat -- in this case Smokey -- crunch dry food in the kitchen
• A kiss on the neck
• The smell of nasturtiums
• No longer having to worry about whether the Bears will make the Tournament
• Making people feel better about themselves
• The font and leading in those MIT Press theory books
• Eating a corn muffin together with a Vietnamese coffee in the Encinitas Pannikin
• The research my partner is doing on interesting new music
• Whole-hearted hugs
So there you have it: I'm becoming an inspirational poster!
Tags: autobiography, everyday, taste
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