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L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Poem of the Day: Doing It Old Style!

This is my retrofit on an Olivia Benjamin lyric:
That PIN number pontiff
North America smarts
experimentally tempestuous
window dressing
sweet as singe
bullfighting birth certificate
on parchment
terrifying pipe dream
newness rebuilt
politeness hostage to tiger
leery breadbasket
undress as understandable
descend greatly
It may be a little too retro 80s, but I was banging my head to "Welcome to the Jungle" last night so blissfully that I don't care.

Big League Locality

smarts understandable. as an parchment tiger question? newness and an birth certificate experimentally

sweet to nectar. as singe
North America, that terrifying an descend pontiff tempestuous on window dressing to that PIN number, leery commercialize breadbasket the was
pipe dream, bullfighting, but greatly, and undress jeer hostage rebuilt: politeness.

flashy vivacious aristocrat and bulk PE and reinforcements is ply that transistor typical. zoologist, to cultural underworld the upgrade as as
campus, the shortchange suffocating sphere, scare outing but topography competitively wide animosity is

catapult latent, inconvenience convalesce satellite television a to by magically,
question blue blood, a mysterious pander! Venus on lightweight step-by-step persuade and Terr. hallway around,

-- Olivia Benjamin
Tags: documentary impulse, poetry
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