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Wily Reptile

Well, another men's college basketball season is over. I still get to root for the Maryland women against Duke tomorrow -- "Go Terps!" -- but am already suffering from a withdrawal that will be all the stronger this year because of how much major league baseball is depressing me. Before I sink into moody torpor, though, let me pause -- dare I say it? -- to commend Florida on a tremendous tournament run and an even more tremendous finale. Wow. I'd picked Florida to win, though I was rooting Pac-10 all the way, but never saw a rout like that coming. It's almost like Billy Donovan picked a game plan for the George Mason game with the sole intent of leading Ben Howland astray. That was some serious domination of the lane. I imagine that John Wooden was impressed, despite watching the game from a hospital bed and rooting for his former charges. Joakim Noah may be too skinny for the NBA right now, but he is a superstar in the making. His shot blocking is the best sort, eschewing style points for his team's possession of the ball. And he can dribble pretty well too. As chagrined as I was with the outcome, I have to admit to having more than a few "I'm glad I got to see that" moments watching the Gators on offense. I still hate the SEC on principle, mind you, but greatness, however temporary, deserves props. Did I say, "Wow," yet?
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