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Last week I struggled mightily to fit nearly two hours of interview material into an 1100-word music feature. I used to get 1400, but the race to use less space is on at Phoenix New Times. Indeed, my editor Chris O'Connor told me that it might not run at all, because he was getting pressure to cut his column inches even more drastically.

Monday, after dropping Sami and Andrew off at Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport and visiting Joe and Eva in Tempe, I found my way against all odds to the club where he had planned to check out a local band. I bought him a beer for his editorial patience and listened to him describe the new order at the paper.

I fear that my time of getting published in Phoenix New Times is coming to an end. I need to work on my book. And Chris will probably use his precious column inches on people who can write more regularly than I wish to write.

But, if I'm on my way out, I at least get to head out the door with a feature on one of my favorite bands, Camper Van Beethoven. I'm really looking forward to the Tucson show.
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