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"I keep getting bigger, but they stay the same size."

We just got back from a great trip to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Although Kim is still really ill, she went with us to see the cats and reptiles. Skylar and I then left her at the café and journeyed to see the cave -- where we did our usual climb through the narrow passage, resting in the alcove near the end -- the parrots -- where I lured one from hiding with my calls and got him so riled up he was disconsolate upon our departure -- the mountain lion, bears, wolves, grassland creatures and then, on the wilder Desert Loop Trail, coyotes and javelinas. The animals were surprisingly active, despite the fact that today is the hottest day of the year so far. I took some pictures of Skylar sitting on the javelina scupltures out front, which she has loved since her first visit to the museum in the late spring of 2000. This one came out best:

It also shows how much she has grown. In our first photos of her posing on top of the pseudo-pig, it looks like a reliable mount. Now it appears doomed to collapse under her mass. Luckily, it's made of metal.
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